welcoming fall

Happy Fall! This is one of my favorite seasons and I am so excited to share this joy with baby Em. We've been doing a lot of fun fall festivities over at the Kim household to keep this babe busy and entertained. The other day, we explored a couple of different sized/textured pumpkins and she had so much fun. If you decide to do a similar activity with your babe, verbally talk about the colors you see, compare the sizes of each pumpkin (introduce the words big and small), and ask how it feels when they touch the pumpkins (introduce the words smooth and bumpy). It was a fun little sensory activity for Em and she learned a few new words! She played with these pumpkins for more than thirty minutes - which means a lot if you have kids! We will be opening up a pumpkin so stay tuned for another adventure!

^^^ she lined those pumpkins up!

^^^ she lined those pumpkins up!